Wednesday, September 7, 2011

vaca... and getting closer!

We spent lots of time at the beach which was a 3 block walk from our house. Nicholas is keeping his toes out of the sand...

While we had everyone together for the first time in... EVER, we decided to get a family portrait.
Tiffany was our talented and patient artist.

We spent tons of time in our beautiful pool - my two favoritest Little boys! 

In the kitchen having breakfast togther. I loved cooking for my kids.
 Meanwhile... Back at the house...
It's a hazy shade of aqua?
the kitchen is shaping up too.

and this is the master bath tub and shower.

            We're as excited as can be about the progress on our home.  Can't wait to move in!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


In the last month our housing has varied greatly. One month ago, we were in this beautiful beach house on Longboat Key, Florida with all our offspring and their...

 We returned to a sold house in Layton and a house under construction in South Jordan.  This is 11 days ago... It's come a long way since then but still not done.
 We camped for a week in this 2nd and 3rd story loft, sans refrigerator - see where it goes? BTW neither garage you can see here was ours, ours was 5 garages away?

This past Sunday- Monday, We moved across the alley to this apartment. Ground floor with garage right behind.
 Our patio/ front door-
 front door, (David's doorway blocked by TV), my computer and sewing nook...
 Living room followed by dining area/ Bruce's office-
 my Kitchen! I'm cooking again :-)
 David's bedroom door- like the flowers?
                    His room.
           and our room-
Comfortable enough for 6 weeks or so but can't wait for the house to be finished!  HARD being quiet while Bruce is working, at least for me. Still, we are truly thankful for a place to call home.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bits and Pieces

This was a mother's day gift. Guess who from?
This is our future house - 1/3 of it... we go from the corner to the edge of the front porch. It'll be pretty when it's done.

 This is our side. We'll be facing west on the street.
Sad, Happy. My Aunt Roberta passed away last week so we gathered in Florida for her funeral. I rode with the Johansons and Nicholas had fun with my nook.

Tina and Charlie and I stayed at my mother's house for a few days after the funeral.  I truely enjoyed getting to know Charlie and playing with him.  ...and yes, this trip I did get to wear my swim suit.

He's such a 2 year old I had to laugh (just a little). We went for a walk on the golf course behind Mother's house and Charlie walked away from us.  His mother told him that if he went any further he'd have to go in so he stood there for a minute then while looking down he took baby steps away from us. I remember going thru similar games with all of my 2 year olds... "how far can I push mom?'

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fun weekend

4 of our favorite people came to town this past weekend.  Tiff, Ty, and Nicholas came over Friday evening so we could have a birthday dinner for Tiffany.

here we have creative cake cutting once again.

 Saturday we were joined by Chelley and then Sunday, the Johansons came again for breakfast so everyone could visit.
Our favorite game... PILE ON DAVID!

In Other news...  now it really looks like a house! With the outside assembled they're starting the fun stuff - duct work.

and in yet other news... this happened yesterday and they're all ours.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Having Fun Yet?

This is from the previous weekend with Chelley and KL. We stopped for lunch at SoDa Row (that's how they spell it... no clue why)
Saturday, the 28th Bruce and I went back after another mostly rainy week. there were enough good days to get this far...
the pantry and the hallway past the laundry room and half bath to our bedroom.

a basement without stairs. My husband is a good climber.